About Naples, FL

By  Published Sep 27th, 2016

Naples is a city that is perched at the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida. It is known for its world-class culture, sophisticated dining, and beautiful beaches. The city’s population is currently about 20,600 people. It is the principal town of Marco Island. It is among of the wealthiest cities in the United States since it has the sixth highest income with the second highest number of millionaires within the US. Real estate housing is quite expensive in the country with houses going for several millions of dollars.

Naples is a family destination that should appeal to beach aficionados and nature lovers. The Third Street and The Fifth Avenue South are the main shopping points within the historic town. The region features much chic clothing, art galleries and clothing boutiques with beautiful home shops. You can enjoy your drinks, dinner and meals with beautiful water scenery; you have the choice of a funky bayside bar or a stylish beachfront resort.

The fine white sugar sand beaches and calm waters are a beauty to behold. The Pier city’s symbols erected in 1888, its dolphin and fishing destinations give visitors something to see. The beautiful environment in Florida makes it a perfect place to call home or visit. The incredible water sports activities, boating, beaches, shopping and golf championships create a memorable experience.

Naples is also a rapidly growing town in terms of industry development. It is also a headquarter to many charity organizations and individuals to all over the world. An example is the Wine Festival that generates billions of dollars each year to worthwhile causes. The region was once a quaint fishing village and is the ultimate destination for anyone looking for a destination rich in history.

The Gulf of Mexico borders it to its west and the Everglades to the east. The city recently received the honor of being mentioned as the ninth best smallest town to live. It has often ranked top among tourist communities and destinations in the United States. A spot-on jewel of coastal lifestyle, the city provides an ideal getaway for a lifetime experience and outstanding living. It offers a lot to do and enjoy.